About Us

We asked ourselves a question; what makes a good distribution company? We narrowed it down to a few key aspects.

1. Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We train all of our staff to be friendly and efficient with your requests. Customer service is a key component for any company. 

2. Quality Products

Poseidon only distributes the finest quality products with our guarantee. We endeavour to ensure that all of our products are of a high standard by enduring a rigorous testing procedure. These procedures involve warranty times, longevity tests as well as general rigidity and stability tests for relevant products.

3. Fast delivery

Poseidon uses the most cost effective and efficient couriers to ensure your goods are delivered undamaged and in a prompt matter. Any products that are not in stock at that time are back ordered and express posted to you at the next available opportunity.

4. Trust

throughout our company, and throughout our customer-base we ensure that trust is a high priority. We build relationships with our customers the same way we build relationships with our employees. These relationships ensure that from order to deliver, everyone is happy and everything is done in the fastest and most efficient way possible.